Transfer of Norwegian experiences and good practices - for the conservation and rehabilitation of the cultural heritage and historical monuments existing in the rural area, from Iasi county - Romania

The Aim of the Project:

Through this project, we will have the chance to share with the partner organization the results of the project “Promoting, defending and strengthening authentic democratic values ​​- a major challenge for the young generation in Iasi County” funded by Norwegian funds, so we can identify what common values ​​they have. Romania and Norway, what values, principles or norms will have to be improved and we will try to find solutions together for the sustainability of the activities of the present project. We want to have a long-term and loyal understanding with this project, to appreciate and to realize the importance of the financial involvement of the Norwegian state in joint projects, and future actions that we will carry out together will focus on accessing new projects. common in cultural fields, as well as the education of members of local communities in rural areas so as to raise awareness of the importance of preserving cultural heritage and historical and cultural monuments.