Center for Intercultural Education Constanța (C.P.E.I.C.)

About Project:

Project  “CENTER FOR INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION CONSTANŢA (C.P.E.I.C.)“ , Funded by Norwegian funds through the PA17 / RO13 program - Promoting diversity in culture and art within the European cultural heritage.

The project we are proposing through its activities is in line with local, regional, national and European concerns about the concern to promote cultural diversity and intercultural valences.

Through the objectives it has proposed, the project will help to support the diversity and identity of cultural communities, including the Roma population.

First of all, the members of the target group will be part of different ethnic communities and their interrelation within the activities that will be carried out for the implementation of the project will be a way of highlighting the cultural particularities of the ethnic communities from which they come and at the same time of awareness of specific cultural differences.


Promotion of intercultural education within youth with the purpose of understanding cultural diversity and protecting multicultural identity, by encouraging intercultural dialogue.

  • Promoting within youth generation the importance of intercultural dialogue between existent minorities of a community.
  • Promoting cultural elements of ethnic identity that are found in Romania and Norway.
  • Capitalization of the results of activities developed by achieving a portfolio with creations and workings o members of the target-group.
  • Exploiting feedback offered by members of the target-group.